1. PARKING: Parking is not included in your housing contract. All students are required to sign the ARPAD parking contract whether or not a vehicle is brought to school. There will not be a parking space for each student. Parking permits are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: Students are leasing a space in the apartment complex and are not guaranteed a particular space or roommate. Students may submit a written request to the manager with preferred  room and roommates. The manager will make every effort to honor as many requests as possible.

3. CHECK-IN AND CHECKOUT: Students are to check-in on the first day of the contract. A fee of $15/night will be charged for check-in on any day prior to the designated contract start date or checkout on any day later than the designated contract end date. Make arrangements with the manager if you plan to arrive early. Students and all belongings must be out of the apartment by the last day of the contract. Checkout procedures must be followed in order to receive a full refund on your security deposit. If checkout procedures are not completed, there will be a $25 non-checkout fee. Check-out procedures include, but are not limited to, white-glove clean check and checking out at the office with the manager.

 4. STUDENT LIVING MEETINGS: Students are strongly encouraged to attend the Student Living Meeting at the beginning of each semester.

 5. FIRE/SAFETY: Burning candles, incense, or any open flames is strictly prohibited. No portable heaters are allowed in the rooms. For the safety of students and guests, no items shall be left outside of the door or the walkways.

 6. KEYLESS ENTRY LOCKS: Apartments have keyless locks installed, therefore, no keys will be issued. The code for the doors will be changed at the beginning of each semester. It is the student’s responsibility to keep the codes confidential. If the code has been compromised, the student will notify the manager immediately and a new code will be selected.

7. DAMAGES AND REPAIRS: Report any damages or maintenance issues in writing to the manager as soon as possible. Any unreported damages will be the responsibility of the apartment occupant(s). Maintenance requests are to be emailed to living@arpadhousing.com.

8. VEHICLE MAINTENANCE: There shall be no vehicle maintenance of any kind done on the premises. This is including, but not limited to, oil changes.

9. CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: Students are expected to work together to maintain a clean and orderly apartment. Clean checks will be done every two weeks. Do NOT flush anything down a toilet that shouldn’t be flushed! Students are responsible for any damages an overflowing toilet may cause. A cleaning product will be supplied for the glass stove top. This is a non-abrasive cleaner and is to be used for stove tops only.

10. SNOW REMOVAL: Absolutely NO salt on the exterior carpeted walkways. Students will receive notice by text and/or email and be asked to remove cars from parking lot for snow removal. If cars are not moved, they may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

11. BICYCLES: Students are encouraged to bring bicycles and they are to be kept in the bicycle stands. Bicycles are NOT permitted in the apartments. Students are responsible for locking their bicycles to ensure safety.

12. TELEVISION, INTERNET, MOVIES & COMPUTERS: Televisions are installed in each apartment. They are not to be moved from the original location. Viewing of all media is to be kept within the For the Strength of Youth guidelines. Arpad provides wireless service to each apartment. Students will be responsible for keeping the apartment’s access code confidential. Students may not install or use wireless routers, switches, bridges, wireless access points, servers, DHCP servers, DNS servers, or any other device that may extend or disrupt network communications.

13. LOUNGE RULES: The honor Code applies in the lounge as well as in the apartments. Lounge furniture is to remain in the lounge but can be moved if necessary. All media viewing in the lounge is to be within the For the Strength of Youth standards The lounge may be reserved for student activities. Students are to clean up after themselves including removing garbage and vacuuming. Activities should end early enough so that all students can be in their apartments by curfew time.

14. GARBAGE AND LITTER: Garbage is to be removed from the apartments and put into the bin located in the parking lot in a timely manner. All cardboard is to be flattened before it is put into the bin. Students are to assist with picking up litter on the premises to help maintain a clean and pleasant environment. No garbage is to be left outside on the walkways.

15. POSTAL SERVICE AND OTHER DELIVERIES: The US Post Office will no longer deliver mail to individual apartments or mail boxes. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up mail from the manager’s office during office hours. Packages delivered by FedEx, UPS, etc. can be delivered to your apartment if your apartment number is on it. The address for Arpad is 271 South 2nd West, Apt #_______, Rexburg, ID 83440.

16. AIR CIRCULATION/MOISTURE: The bathroom fans are designed to turn on and off automatically. If the fans are not turning on or off, please notify the manager immediately.

17. LAUNDRY: Students are to be considerate of others and remove laundry promptly. If laundry is left, it may be removed from machines. Laundry supplies are to be kept in student apartments. Any supplies left in the laundry room will be disposed of or may be used by other students. Please clean the lint filters between dryer loads and clean up after yourself. Laundry facilities are for Arpad complex students only.

18. DECORATIONS: Do not use nails, screws, tape, wallpaper, chalkboard paint, paint, decals, adhesive-backed hooks, glow-in-the-dark stickers, or any other materials that will damage walls. Anchors and hooks in the ceilings are not allowed. If you have a question regarding hanging things on the walls, please check with the manager.

19. PERSONAL PROPERTY/STORAGE: If a student has a signed contract in place for the following semester, he may leave his personal property in the apartment during the semester break but may be asked to move belongings to his bed or another location in order to complete maintenance or cleaning during the break. Arpad is NOT liable for any personal property left during the break. Personal property of others may NOT be left in the apartments. Any personal property will be disposed of in compliance with section 13 of the BYU-Idaho Student Landlord Housing Contract.

20. GUESTS: As stated in the BYU-Idaho Student Landlord Housing Contract, overnight guests are discouraged but may stay with the explicit consent of the manager and roommates. Students must provide appropriate sleeping arrangements as couches are not for overnight sleeping.

13. BUSINESS ON PREMISES: No business of any kind shall be conducted on the premises.