As a parent sending your child off to college, we know you want to give your student the best possible environment and experience for his success. If we could tell you ANYTHING about our housing complex, it is that our management cares! Each occupant is given our manager’s personal cell phone number and she will answer it and help with any issues that arise, even if it is after office hours!

In addition to our amazing management, here are some top FAQs we know are on your mind (or will be soon!) to help you decide if ARPAD Housing is the right place to send your student!

1. Rent:

Your child is not responsible for his roommates rent. He will sign a contract for one space. If the other spaces do not fill, that will not affect his contract price in any way.

2. Internet – WHAT WE HAVE:

Online access is very important for college success! At ARPAD Housing we offer Optix high speed Internet. Optix is the fastest in town! Optix has great customer service. If a problem arises, every student has access to their number and can call them directly to get the problem fixed.


3. High Quality Apartments Close to Campus:
Our apartments are clean and only a minute walk away from Campus. Check out additional amenities available and view our apartment galleries.


4. Roommate Problems:
In a perfect world, everyone would get along with everyone and happiness and success would ensue! But in the “real” world, we know not everyone is always a perfect match, especially when it comes to sharing living spaces! At ARPAD we read through all of our applications (applications include filling in some of your likes) and create the best possible roommate matches that we can!


5. Student Living:
We are approved housing for BYUI and as such we uphold the Student Living standards set forth by the university. You can read more about Student Living by clicking here.



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